Another whining black actor cries racism

Take one look at former cast member of The Young and Restless for 17 years, Ms. Victoria Rowell, and you can see how the odds would be stacked against her.

So what this former model is STUNNINGLY beautiful! Who cares that she also happens to be quite smart.

Unfortunately for Rowell, she has one major strike against her.

So when Rowell’s character on The Young and the Restless got sent to the insane asylum in 2005, Rowell decided that she had suddenly become a victim of her half-blackness.

Rowell has sued CBS and producers, saying they have kept her off the air as retaliation for advocating the casting of more black people.

Part I of The Irony: Social engineering

The lawsuit alleges that though more black characters were added to the show over the years (emphasis added), the producers “treated them, including Ms. Rowell, as second-class citizens.”

In case you missed it, CBS did indeed take heed to Ms. Rowell social engineering of the show, and added more blacks to the show over the years. However, adding more black actors to the show led to more controversy, as Ms. Rowell believed she and the other blacks were treated unjustly.

CBS just wanted some black people to kick around, after running out of white flunkies?

Part II of The Irony: Rowell’s role as a “second-class citizen”

Note that in the 17 years of being treated as a “second-class citizen,” Ms. Rowell didn’t leave, nor did she complain, at least not publicly. Now, Rowell just sucked it up; took one for the team, as it were.

Even more interesting is the beginning of Ms. Rowell’s tenure on the show.

The now 55-year-old Rowell played Drucilla Winters, an illiterate thief and prostitute. {Let me give you a moment to let that sink in.}

Yes, Rowell signed up for a role where:

(1) Her name is Drucilla (SERIOUSLY?!), and

(2) she played the stereotypical “blaxploitation” role in Hollywood of either a thief or a prostitute, and her role was BIFECTA, yes…BOTH!

Did Rowell complain about her role at the time or did she happily take the role AND the money?

Did she express any grievance about playing a skank when hired?


Perhaps it was because, “Drucilla” had other plans.

Part III of The Irony: The Transformation of Drucilla

At Rowell’s urging, CBS allowed Drucilla to “transformed herself through an adult literacy program into a positive figure,” and this is according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan.

So Rowell was able to transform Drucilla from an illiterate thief and prostitute, to a solid citizen during her 17-years of employment, but she remains upset?

Here is how Rowell described her role as Drucilla, back in 1995.

“Drucilla’s a loving woman,” says Rowell, with a smile, “but there’s a naivete about her that makes her very attractive. Plus, she’s feisty, curious, mischievous. Bill Bell and his team of writers have made her very attractive. She’s a lot of fun, and I have a great cast to work with–like Kristoff St. John [who plays Neal Winters]. I can’t imagine who else could fill his shoes. He’s a gentleman and so consistent.”

Meanwhile, Drucilla has been anything but consistent since Rowell arrived on “The Young and the Restless,” having evolved from a rowdy, illiterate street kid to a wife, mother, classical ballerina and successful “coifed” model.

“I like her emergence, but I also liked when Drucilla was a true renegade–the dregs,” says Rowell. “I liked coming into work, having my hair parted, and wearing three little braids. It was easy. I find the less I have to do to myself is very liberating as an actress.”

Part IV of The Irony: I want MORE!

Rowell says she clashed with the producers in 2005 over their refusal to let her write and direct episodes of the show. Yes, as if there wasn’t enough social engineering in the storyline, now Rowell wanted to be in charge.

Most actors would give their right arm and a first-round draft pick to have a set gig for 5 years, much less 17 years! Yet, just doing what she was HIRED TO DO wasn’t good enough for Rowell. One can only surmise from the lawsuit that there are no other roles in Hollywood for ACTORS!

Perhaps instead of suing CBS, Rowell should sue Halle Berry for taking all the half-white, half-black gorgeous woman roles?

For the record, idiot racist and sellout Samuel L. Jackson got his start playing a crackhead in the movie Jungle Fever, and look how far he’s gotten.

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