BREAKING: Sharpton being phased out at MSNBC

In what is likely not a surprise to many of us, MSNBC may have finally tired of Sharpton.

The only thing that has kept Sharpton on air is his closeness to America’s top terrorist, and the fact that ignorant black Liberals watch his antics, though I suspect for entertainment value.


Regardless, MSNBC has had a shakeup, and according to The Daily Beast, here is the fallout:

In the relatively near term, two well-placed sources predicted to The Daily Beast, Chris Hayes will be relieved of his weak-performing 8 p.m. show All In, to be replaced by the current 9 p.m. host of The Rachel Maddow Show, while a talent search is underway to fill the prime-time slot to be vacated by Maddow.

An MSNBC spokesperson—who tried put a happy face on the demotions with talk of prime-time specials and “multiplatform” national reporting for the still-employed Farrow and Reid—declined to comment on the Hayes-Maddow scenario.

In the longer term, these sources said, the Rev. Al Sharpton—a larger-than-life personality who attracts a 35 percent African-American audience but continues, after 3½ years of nightly practice, to wrestle with his Teleprompter—could eventually be moved from his weeknight 6 p.m. slot to a weekend time period, as MNSBC President Phil Griffin attempts to reverse significant viewership slides by accentuating straight news over left-leaning opinion.

So Sharpton is getting the office closest to the exit. And the funny part is America’s top theological fraud can’t cry racism.

If you think Al wasn’t paying his bills before, wait until he doesn’t have this gig. Expect the race rhetoric to ratchet up, as Sharpton looks for new frogs fattened by other snakes.


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