Brian Williams has his own Hurricane Katrina

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Brian Williams said he watched a dead human body float by his hotel room window in New Orleans.

I feel another gloved-hand probe of Williams coming soon.

Already the New Orleans Advocate is suspiciously eyeing some statements made by William that may not match up with circumstances reported by those who there at the time.


In a Sept. 14 2015 blog post, Williams recounted seeing “a body outside the Ritz Carlton hotel,” but does not specify when.

Capt. James Scott, commanded the New Orleans Police Department’s First District during Katrina, said his memories of the days after the storm are somewhat blurred and he couldn’t specifically recall a body outside the Ritz-Carlton, located just outside the French Quarter.

Given reports that the higher areas of city stayed dry, it might be that Brian Williams’ stories are all wet.

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