A compilation of 32 lies by Brian Williams

Brian Williams may be shooting for “Obama” status, when it comes to lying.

It appears that the suspended NBC news anchor, known for his character may indeed be a character!

Breitbart’s John Nolte compiled a list of 32 proven or suspected lies of William’s.

All these lies makes on wonder just how blurred between truth is from reality with these Leftists. But that doesn’t stop the apologists from coming to Williams’ aid.

Brian Williams didn’t just spew bald-faced lies from David Letterman’s couch. He lied repeatedly on the air at NBC News and its affiliates. He lied to NBC News legend Tim Russert. Stories Williams’ shared with NBC’s own Tom Brokaw both on the air and at Columbia Journalism school are now disputed. Things told to other reporters don’t add up.

Numerous accounts now verify that NBC News not only wanted Brian Williams out there building his brand with the likes of Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and Saturday Night Live, but that the NBC brass knew their star was a serial liar. According to the Washington Post, Williams made 80 appearances on entertainment shows, and…

…when Williams was talking about himself outside the confines of his anchor’s desk, he seemed to want to make his experiences more dramatic, colleagues said. He was the biggest news anchor in the country, the undisputed ratings champ, but he often pushed stories to their limit — and sometimes beyond.

“That’s Brian being Brian” became the newsroom shorthand.

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