Conservative movement: Modern-day Rip Van Winkle

I saw a headline, “Can the music industry survive the streaming revolution?” and I immediately thought of the conservative movement.

I feel at times that we are still talking records, while the rest of America is into streaming.

The conservative revolution is a grassroots movement built by disgruntled Republicans who have awakened after decades of sleep. We have seen the nation shift over the past decades, relatively slowly at first.

However in the past decade we have watched government grow beyond proportions the Founding Fathers never anticipated. Many Americans woke up suddenly and we found ourselves at war with our government, again. In this case, we are modern-day Rip Van Winkles waking up after 40+ years of sleep.

We grabbed our muskets, and set off to war!


We have RIGHT on our side, but we had no idea how war had changed. What are all these newfound gadgets, like media, and especially social media.

Our muskets were met by enemies with 30-bullet clips, night vision goggles, protective vests, Humvees, and that’s just for starters.

I talked to a grass roots organizer the other day, and their board rejected asking for $1 a month from their membership. Getting money was “counter to the tenets of the organization,” she said they informed her.

Counter to the tenets of WINNING!

The grass roots want NO government money, nor do they want membership dues.

Any group with that methodology will be deader than disco within 2 election cycles…at least as a group. Even the most ragtag group of fighters has to SHOP for ordnance every now and then; melt some LEAD!

But it’s not just about money, it’s about organization.

Conservatives are more scattered than a schizophrenic squirrel’s nuts. We have 50 groups for everything, and they all have what amounts to a spattering of people. I spoke with a former Leftist who explained how the Left organizes, and I must say, I was impressed.

The Left know how to build a ground game.

We Conservatives are talking about records and albums, as the world has evolved to ONLINE STREAMING! We are stuck in a mindset that is long gone. And it is dooming us.

All is not lost, but we must do two things, fast:

Coalesce. No more NEW groups doing the same things. We may all think we are leaders, but we are not. It’s ok to follow, particularly if there is a clear leader. It not about ego, it’s about survival.

Next, we must FUND our efforts. It’s a tough economy. And it will only get tougher, because the Left is using your money AGAINST you. Helping organizations that make a difference is more powerful than helping political candidates…PERIOD!

Organizations like the NRA have done more to prevent gun snatching than all the politicos combined.

Isn’t it time to CHANGE THE GAME? Will Conservatives survive the streaming revolution?


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