Curious reason woman makes MILLIONS unpackaging toys!

I knew there was a reason men liked watching this lady open toy packages. Yes, open toys! And it’s estimated that she’s making MILLIONS doing it.

Kids watch with rapt attention as a birthday-boy or girl unwraps their presents. It’s the same exact concept, except the hands that open the toys in the wildly popular videos used to unwrap her birthday suit. Now, it’s making her millions!

Her presentation had an air sensuality that I’ve never achieved opening my Christmas presents, and this may be why millions are drawn to her YouTube channel…

From theDaily Mail UK:

The highest paid ‘performer’ on You Tube, who is said to earn almost $5m a year unwrapping toys, is a former porn star called Sandy Summers, neighbours have told

Brazilian Daiane DeJeus was named by a family friend as the woman behind the wildly successful collection of children’s videos that have been watched a staggering 2.8billion times.
And former neighbours of the mysterious internet star have revealed to Daily her secret past – which could explain her desire to remain completely anonymous.

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