Democrats admit identity crisis

Republicans may finally be able to go on the offensive. As I have said for some time, Democrats are like feral children, only worse.

Their lack of proper supervision has left them clueless on how to deal with the real world.

So when I read that the Democrats were struggling with their identities–yes plural, identitIES–I was not surprised in the least.


The article  said that Democrats struggle to answer a simple question — “What’s a Democrat?”

Lucky for them they didn’t ask me to answer that question. I know exactly what a Democrat is.

Democrats have few redeeming core values, and what I know they believe in is a hatred of God, America, and Conservatives.

Democrats say they must do a better job of explaining their core values to voters. And to get to know themselves, they formed a task force so people can define them.

Consider that the “leaders” of the Democrats who have a platform, and supposedly are made up of the best minds Liberals can find, and they want simpletons to tell them who they are.

That November 2014 beating really did a number on those boneheads.

After the task force gathered the data, the Democratic National Committee released the interim findings of a review of problems in the midterm election. As it turns out, the Democrats lack a “cohesive narrative” and the party needs to find ways to help it explain bedrock values such as fairness, equality and opportunity, which ironically the Democrats do not possess.

Democrats are the people who cheat to get their children into the Ivy League schools, while pretending to get our children that great, “free” community college education.

The report goes on to say something very interesting:

“So many people can rattle off easily and succinctly what it means to be a Republican.”

I waited for the negative of what it means to be a Republican, but it didn’t come. No. The discombobulated Republicans apparently have their act together, and that vexes the Democrats. To be a Republican in the true sense of the word is to be about God, family, and country. Government is nowhere in that equation.

According to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democrats’ findings were:

The perception of what it means to be a Democrat has really evolved to be a laundry list of policy statements and disparate ideas.”

Put another way, the Democrats are schizophrenic. And if the findings of the task force are any indication, the Democrats are street kids, eating out of garbage cans and bathing at the sink of a 7-Eleven bathroom. They have no idea who they are, or their purpose in life. They just know they made lots of wrong decisions to get where they are.
So the Democrats want to stop “hooking” and come in from the cold. According to the task force, they believe Obama’s presidential race “successes” can be turned into continuous election successes. The plan will be to get closer to Obama’s policies, as they say this will draw sharp distinctions with Republicans.
We can only hope the Democrats maintain this thinking!




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