DoJ wants money for border security, with a twist

Here’s some of that stellar Liberal logic for you!

The Justice Department argued for a stay against an injunction that would cut off funds destined for illegals.

Their reasoning: The lack of funding would hamper the efforts of securing the border!


According to The Blaze:

As expected, the Justice Department on Monday sought an emergency stay of that injunction with the same federal court. In its court filing, the department put forward the argument that protecting illegal immigrants and letting them work is an integral part of protecting the border and U.S. national security.

So in order to secure the border, DHS must protect illegals and get them jobs? The story continues…

“The preliminary injunction blocks DHS from exercising its authority, conferred by Congress, to establish ‘policies and priorities’ to enforce the nation’s immigration laws,” Justice wrote.

Last week, the Texas court said it had no problem with the administration’s decision to prioritize which illegal immigrants to deport, and which should be seen as lower-priority illegal aliens because of resource constraints. But it stopped the administration from affirmatively helping those lower-priority immigrants by officially exempting them from deportation, and by giving them work permits.

In its request for an emergency stay of the injunction, the Justice Department said the court was wrong to separate the two pieces, said deferred deportation is an “integral part of the department’s comprehensive effort to set and effectuate immigration enforcement priorities.”

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