FBI Director is a politically correct moron

The F.B.I. director is a politically correct moron, who has thrown law-enforcement under the bus. What else is new.

That’s how F.B.I. director, James B. Comey got his job, and that’s how he will keep his job.

Comey delivered what was described as a frank speech about the relationship between the police and black people. He began correctly, saying that officers who work in neighborhoods where blacks commit crimes at higher rates develop a cynicism that shades their attitudes about race.


Comey said that this is not a white issue, but a cop issue, as both white and black cops don’t view white people and black people the same.

Comey said, [pp]

“The officers develop a mental shortcut that becomes almost irresistible and maybe even rational by some lights, because of the number of black suspects they have arrested.”

In other words, cops pay attention to statistics.

“We need to come to grips with the fact that this behavior complicates the relationship between police and the communities they serve,” Mr. Comey said in the speech, at Georgetown University.

In the day of political correctness, far be it for the F.B.I. director to actually put the onus on the perpetrators of crime, who happen to be black, but instead place blame on law-enforcement.

And it gets worse.

Comey said there was significant research that says all people have unconscious racial biases.

Ok, I buy that. Racial biases are “human nature,” in many cases based on experiences. But instead of understanding how these racial biases occur, Comey says cops need to not help their instinctive reactions, and instead “design systems and processes to overcome that very human part of us all.”

Overcome human nature. Overcome the very evolution that gives man dominion over the earth.

“Although the research may be unsettling, what we do next is what matters most,” Mr. Comey said.

He said that law enforcement agencies across the country needed to be compelled to report shootings that involve police officers so there can be a baseline to measure the issue.

“It’s ridiculous that I can’t tell you how many people were shot by the police last week, last month, last year,” Mr. Comey said.

It’s even more ridiculous that Comey can’t tell you how many police were shot by criminals last week, last month, last year.

He also will never be able to tell you how many lives were saved by the actions of cops doing their jobs, taking bad people off the streets. They don’t keep stats for that.

I’m sick of these Leftists who are hurting America based on their silly notions that people should ignore their instincts. Instinct saves lives.



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