If only ISIS female hostage had been a Bergdahl

It’s a tragedy to report that Kayla Jean Mueller, former ISIS captive is confirmed dead.

What non-Muslim group will Obama blame for the death of this young woman who was captured and killed by Muslim “gentle giants…on their way to college?”

The Arizona aid worker held hostage by the Islamic State has died, and not from Jordanian airstrikes. Mueller, from Prescott, Ariz., was captured in August 2013 while leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the city of Aleppo. She worked with the nonprofit to help Syrian refugees during the war.

The irony is that Obama said, “It is unclear how she died.” Oh, it’s clear how she died. At the hands of Islamic terrorists:


Too bad Kayla Mueller was not a Muslim convert, or a traitorous, deserter trying to convert to Islam, or perhaps Obama could have negotiated for her release?

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