Jeh Johnson: Step-n-Fetchit “Yes Boy”

As with his bosses boss, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is concerned about Muslim Americans.

As Muslim radicals reek havoc all over the world, we are being told that it is the Muslims who are in danger. Obama even had the gall to bring up the shooting of the three Muslim students in NC, but didn’t mention any Muslim murders in America.

They claim Muslims just need jobs, when it was a WORKING Muslim doctor who committed the “workplace violence” at Ft. Hood.

And hopefully we never forget that almost 3,000 Americans died in the bombing of the twin towers.


And what about the lady who was beheaded in Oklahoma, and those killed at the Boston Marathon.

Obama is not worried about them, but instead worried about the fictitious War on Muslims. And as Obama goes, so goes Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson, sellouts both of them.

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