Kevin debates Liberal on Fox re ISIS and Obama

“Barack Obama, you ARE the father of ISIS!” quipped Kevin Jackson recently on Fox News.

In a friendly debate with one of Fox News’ resident Leftists, Santita Jackson, our fearless leader Kevin Jackson explained Obama’s move to get Congress to adopt his baby by the name of ISIS.

Obama abandoned the Bush policies, and is in fact the very reason ISIS exists. And now that the strategy has gone completely awry, Obama is trying to get a white Republican to adopt his baby.

Kevin used the car salesman metaphor of handing Boehner the keys to a car, and telling him to drive ita few days.

Santita Jackson offered nothing, her retort about the “costs” associated with the war.

Again, this is not Bush’s war, this is Obama’s war. Obama has dismantled the Bush war machine, and now owns whatever is happening.

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