How to know your economy is in the crapper!

The economy is so bad in California (and everywhere else), homeless people are selling their homes!

Who knew that cardboard is in such high demand.

I guess with copper tubing going to PVC, the little people scrounging for a living have moved on to cardboard.


As one story put it:

A truck emerges, and they follow, hoping to learn where drivers pick up what to many looks like trash but turns out to be treasure: cardboard.

“It’s big, big money — for somebody,” said Steve Rivera, a senior investigator with the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office who has been conducting sunrise surveillance to track, educate and cite the culprits. “People don’t recognize the fact that it’s actually theft.”

The crackdown in gritty, industrial suburbs east of Los Angeles aims to put a stop to a long-running practice that surges with cardboard prices and wallops trash company revenue — and could eventually push up trash collection rates for homeowners and shopkeepers.

New York City has battled cardboard theft for years. Local authorities elsewhere have cited those who swipe recyclables from waste hauler-provided bins, but the efforts haven’t curtailed the theft of cardboard, which can net anywhere from $100 to $200 a ton.

A TON! And exactly what will these people use to load this new found bounty? Factor in the cost of gasoline, and stealing cardboard is barely a break-even proposition, by my calculations.

But such is the underground economy that Obama has never spoken of. The Black Market.

This gives a whole new meaning to gentrification. Imagine a homeless person leaving his or her “abode” to panhandle only to come back to find that someone has STOLEN HIS HOME!



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