“Krispy Kreme Klub”…not a good idea…

Even across the pond, people manage to get “bum-hurt” about the Krispy Kreme Klub because of its unfortunate acronym; ignoring the even MORE unfortunate SPELLING of all three.

A Krispy Kreme franchise in Hull, England promoted the “klub” along with some other hateful and spiteful activities such as “Face Painting”, “Colouring Tuesday”, and “Board Games Galore.”


In an email to CNBC, Krispy Kreme Manager Public Relations/Media Relations Lafeea Watson wrote the brand was “truly sorry for any inconvenience or offence this misstep may have caused our fans.”

“We do believe this was a completely unintentional oversight on the part of our longtime franchise partners in the UK,” Watson wrote. “They have taken quick and appropriate actions to remove the materials online and in-shops, and have wholeheartedly apologized to their consumers. They have also assured us that they will be taking greater precautions with their publicity materials in the future.”


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