Liberals want more money for less safety

Remember when America was safe!? The St. Louis Arch was built without OSHA or safety nets, and all the other things needed to protect people, and not a single person died in its construction. We have a very different America today.

Under Obama, safety is simply an illusion.

The days of picking up the kids after school and running by the mall are over in Obama’s America.

Think about it; our military isn’t even safe, as Muslim infiltrators commit “workplace violence” on the people who protect us.

Think you are safe going out for a run in Boston? Not under Obama, and the new DHS, as Muslims are likely to ruin your outing.

And now something as mundane as shopping has become dangerous.

CNN reports:

According to CNN: Al-Shabaab has heavily targeted the Minneapolis area, home to the largest Somali population in the United States, for recruiting. The United States killed the group’s leader in an air strike in Somalia last year, leading Al-Shabaab to vow to avenge his death.

Johnson said Al-Shabaab’s threats against the Mall of America as well as major malls in Canada and the United Kingdom come as anti-terror officials focus increasingly on stopping “independent efforts in their homelands.”

Who brought in all the Somalis? You guessed it…Liberals!

Liberals have created an America where we can’t feel safe doing anything. We are fearful to let our children out of our sight, and as one recent poll reported, terrorism is the #1 concern for Americans.

One guess on how Liberals want to solve the problem. M-O-N-E-Y! Your money, to be more specific.

Calgon…take me away!

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