Literature Professor bribes students to protest WI Gov Walker

How many stories do we need about America’s wackademics posing as professors, before we demand they stop putting our hard-earned money into that racket?!

Beth Lueck, literature professor at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater has offered students in her courses extra credit for attending a Thursday evening rally against budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin System proposed by Gov. Scott Walker.


The previous day, Lueck notified students in her freshman English class about the exciting extra-credit assignment.

“UWW students have organized a non-partisan [sic] rally with students, faculty, and community members on the UW Whitewater campus against Gov. Walker’s proposed $300 million cut to the UW system, along with speaking out against attacks on shared governance and faculty,” Lueck wrote.

Protest organizers asked participants to meet outside the school library. From there, they would march over to Timmerman Auditorium to hear state Rep. Andy Jorgensen, a Democrat, and a local city council member speak against budget cuts.

CNI ns_ad23elx_1023Sure, because protesting and organizing is part of lots of LITERATURE classes.

“You may get extra credit by joining the rally or by observing it or by protesting it,” Lueck explained.

I know that I’m excited that my kids can go to college to preserve the fat salaries of a bunch of hippie communists!

And in the spirit of communism, Lueck had the great idea of getting “better than FREE” laborers to protest, as these kids PAY for her nonsense class.

After all, there will be LOTS of jobs in “Literature” awaiting them upon graduation.

“I took a political science class last semester,” freshman Matthew Yontz told “I can understand maybe doing this for that class, but not an English class.”


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