More bad news for Hillary

Hillary Clinton under the spotlight again for not controlling her animals.

David Brock of far Left group Media Matters is stepping down from the board of Priorities PAC  amid allegations of impropriety within the organization.

It seems that the PAC allegedly lined the pockets of a donor adviser during the “funneling” process. The same adviser is also associated with the group”Ready for Hillary.”

According to the Washington Post, Brock wrote:

“Frankly, this is the kind of dirty trick I’ve witnessed in the right-wing and would not tolerate then. Our Democratic Presidential nominee deserves better than people who would risk the next election — and our country’s future — for their own personal agendas. Despite this unfortunate incident, American Bridge’s donor base is secure and we remain undeterred in our plans to execute strategies to win the next election.”

Brock wants it to be clear that he will accept no shenanigans, when it comes to funneling money to Hillary Clinton. She has enough to worry about with many other lions at the gate.

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