NBA Great Karl Malone: Blacks need to stop looking for handout

Former NBA great Karl Malone says blacks need to stop making excuses.

Yes, another NBA “old school” star doesn’t buy into the race pimping that the younger group of black superstar NBA mega-millionaires seem hell bent on doing.

The last thing black Liberals want to hear is that their lives are based on personal responsibility, and not the white boogeyman.


HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill asked Malone if he felt the same way as Barkley in that blacks need to take some personal responsibility.

“I echo his sentiments exactly. We need to look in the mirror ourselves and stop waiting on someone to come march on our behalf. Take ownership ourself, make our community better and stop looking for a handout. Do something about it yourself that you can control,” responded Malone.

Malone with ElkMalone went on to poke the lion a bit more:

“Stop using the excuse about race. I am sick and tired that every time you turn around, that’s what we dangle … Our problem now is we do so much talking and beating things to death. Let’s take ownership in ourselves … stop waiting for someone to come in and march for us.”

Malone added, “Race goes both ways” presumably meaning racism.

I tell white people all the time, that the moment they stop enabling black Liberals race-pimping game, the sooner America rights its course.

Glad to know that Karl Malone is one of the good guys!


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