NC shooting has radical Islam roots

I’m always amazed at “the rest of the story,” particularly when it comes to Muslims.

And in the aftermath of the shooting of the Muslim couple and one other Muslim in NC, the rest of the story is truly eye-opening.

I knew there was more to this story, than we were being told, as I found it interesting that the man who shot these people just “lost it.”

He’s certainly not one of “us,” as I believe he is an atheist Democrat, which of course is being redundant.

Nevertheless, I still wonder what drove him to such an extreme, even for moronic, yet “tolerant” Democrats:


According to Bare Naked Islam:

Mohammed Abu Salha, father of two of the victims of the Chapel Hill shooting buried his daughters in a mosque that hosted a ISIS cleric. Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha was on the shura council of the Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR).  In November 2013 Abu-Salha’s mosque hosted radical ISIS cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril.

You’ve got to read more about this man at Bare Naked Islam!


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