Obama holds secret transparent meeting with Muslims

“The most transparent administration in history held a meeting with “American Muslim leaders,” however the meeting was closed to the press.

And in the spirit of transparency, attendees of the meeting will not be revealed by the Administration.

Now that you are up-to-speed on happenings, feel free to speculate.

As reported in Breitbart,

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended the meeting during his daily press briefing, pointing out that it wasn’t “unusual” for the president to meet with “a wide variety of communities from across the country.”

“Sometimes that includes religious leaders; sometimes that includes leaders that are involved in academia or other specific issue areas,” he explained.

But the White House was unwilling to release the names of leaders who attended the meeting.

A request to the White House for a list of names of those who attended the meeting was not returned.

According to the readout, Obama thanked the visitors noting that “his regular interactions with different faith communities provided him with valuable insights and feedback.”

This was likely a strategy meeting of Muslims, in Barack Obama’s continued war against Judeo-Christian Americans.

We will monitor Al Jazeera for updates.

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