Obama makes Christians the murdering terrorists

At the recent prayer breakfast, Obama had the nerve to compare Christians to the scumbag radical Muslims who are decapitating people, burning people, and ravaging women and children.

What an outrage! Honestly, somebody should have throw a shoe at this moron.



Obama has been using the “you guys were doing it long before my guys,” when he invoked, yet again, the Christian persecution of Muslims back in the day. The reason Christians persecuted Muslims during the Inquistion and the Crusades is that Muslims were KILLING CHRISTIANS!

Further, Obama’s Quran has multiple references where Muslims are told to kill infidels, yet there is nowhere in the Bible where Christians are told that people must convert to Christianity or we will KILL THEM!

Next, Obama’s argument falls apart when you consider how civilized the world has become, after we gave the Muslims a serious beatdown. Given the history of what happens when Muslims are kept in check, I suggest we start kicking some butt…FAST!

That said, look at how much progress has been made by radical Muslims over the past six years with Obama as the “leader of the free world.”

It’s NOT a coincidence!

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