Only ONE more Valentine’s Day with Obamas

I’m so sick of the sham of Black Camelot, I can’t see straight.

The last time I witnessed a sham of a marriage like this is a tie between The Bachelor, and of course the Clintons.

At least this is the penultimate Valentine’s Day where we have the Obamas, and America will be better for it.

Even the lamestream media has difficulty showcasing the Obamas as “love birds.” Here is how GMA depicts the Valentine’s Day play by play for the Obamas:

Saturday marks the second-to-last Valentine’s Day that the Obamas will spend as the first couple, but a review of their past celebrations show that they tend to keep the holiday low-key.

From spending time with their daughters to indulging with a foodie-friendly night out, the Obamas haven’t stuck to a particular routine.

The first couple have not officially revealed their plans this year, but the president is scheduled to be in Palm Springs, California, after attending a cyber-security summit in San Francisco on Friday. The White House has not released the first lady’s schedule yet, but if they are not together on the holiday it won’t be the first time.

Here’s a review of the Obamas’ presidential Valentine’s Days past.


The Obamas were on opposite sides of the country on Valentine’s Day in 2014, with the president spending time with King Abdullah II of Jordan in California. They clearly didn’t forget the holiday though, because they tweeted love notes to one another.

In addition, they went on a dinner date at D.C. restaurant Oyamel the week before Valentine’s Day, according to The New York Daily News.

Years before, Michelle Obama had said that the restaurant of famed chef Jose Andres was one of her favorite restaurants in D.C. “because I love Latin food — a good menu, good margaritas.”

The timing of Valentine’s Day always poses a bit of a problem for the Obamas’ calendars because the holiday comes almost a month after Michelle Obama’s birthday, when they normally do something special. That was more true than ever in 2014 when the first lady celebrated her 50th birthday with a celebrity-filled dance party at the White House.

I will tell you what I’d like to see, and that’s Obama’s texts to Reggie Love on Valentine’s Day.


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