The pot calling the kettle Jew?

#BlackLivesMatter…in Israel?!

It’s no secret that Leftists continue to “stir the pot” in Ferguson. The funding comes in part from Nazi-sympathizer George Soros.

And we know how the Nazis LOVE black people. Which is why apparently the #BlackLivesMatter gang is headed to Israel.

Why only spread hate in America, when you can stir the pot elsewhere.

According to Western Journalism,

They call themselves “freedom fighters,” this group of top Ferguson activists joined together under the #BlackLivesMatter banner that has become a prominent, as well as highly controversial, protest slogan.

And now — proudly proclaiming they have the firm support of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton — a number of the self-described leaders of the movement have traveled to Nazareth, known as the Arab capital of Israel, to rally in solidarity with Palestinians in their fight against the Israelis.

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Details of the #BlackLivesMatter demonstration are available on the Hands Up United website, where 2015 is declared a “year of resistance” against police brutality and societal oppression that supposedly keeps minorities in America “in chains.”


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