Terrorist Breaks Promise to Obama

America’s top terrorist, Barack Obama must be in shock today.

The Pentagon has released a statement that one of the five Guantanamo prisoners traded in exchange for deserter Bergdahl has returned to militant activity. This, despite a “stern talking to” and his making a “pinkie promise” that he would not.

It is unclear how the Administration will go about retrieving the terrorist madman, since he has broken his solemn promise, but I’m sure the administration has some spin.

As reported in Breitbart,

“Several US officials now confirm to me (CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr) that they do indeed suspect that one of the five detainees has returned to militant activity.”

In the last several months, one of them now has popped up, those communications suspect that this individual, they will not say which one of the five, has reached out to militants, and through those communications, he’s now suspected of being back involved in potentially militant activity. This has sparked a debate inside the US intelligence community.

Just another failed policy of the Obama administration that we will be expected to overlook.

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