Brian Williams actually hurt Hillary Clinton!

People should not be surprised when Liberals lie. That’s who they are, and lying is what they do. It’s when they occasionally tell the truth that shocks me!

According to lying media Leftist Brian Williams,

“I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

I’ll tell you what screwed up your mind, Brian: Liberalism!

By now we all know that Williams’ account of the incident was completely made up. The whistleblowers, men of honor who were the actual crew of the targeted helo first noted Williams’ false report in 2003, but they kept quiet. Likely out of fear of retribution by some Liberal “leader” in their chain of command, or fear of what the Leftist media would attempt to do to them.

However, after 12 years of hearing Williams take credit for their hardship, they’d had enough.

“It was something personal for us that was kind of life-changing for me. I’ve know how lucky I was to survive it,” said Lance Reynolds, who was the flight engineer. “It felt like a personal experience that someone else wanted to participate in and didn’t deserve to participate in.”

O’Keeffe said the incident has bothered him since he and others first saw the original report after returning to Kuwait.

“Over the years it faded,” he said, “and then to see it last week it was — I can’t believe he is still telling this false narrative.”

Liberals are full of false narrative, and in fact that is the title of their lives: False Narratives, by [insert ‘accomplished’ Leftist here]

Liberals have empty, meaningless lives, and they figure it out usually too late. So they must create FICTIONS.

Take Hillary Clinton for example. She is a total fraud, who doesn’t even look good on paper. She built her career on fraudulent credentials, and was bested by A BIGGER FRAUD, namely Barack Obama.

Being a fraud is a badge of honor in Liberal circles.

Brian Williams didn’t take hostile fire in an aircraft, but like Elizabeth Warren, he HEARD about it, or THOUGHT about it, so why just CLAIM IT!


All we need to do to bring down almost every Liberal on the PLANET is to VERIFY THEIR INFORMATION!

It’s that simple.

Pull their last resume submitted, and you will see a page full of BS!

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