T-word will soon be part of America’s lingo

America’s streets are full of “armed insurgents,” aka THUGS.

The administration calls them, “gentle giants on their way to college.”

So why is it so shocking when Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary informs us that the Taliban is not a terrorist group, but instead are “armed insurgents?”

Far be it for Obama to rattle the terrorists’ sensibilities by telling them WHAT THEY ARE!

Here is Eric Schulz in his own words.

“As you know, this was highly discussed at the time and prisoner swaps are a traditional end-of-conflict interaction that happens,” Mr. Schultz said. “As the war in Afghanistan wound down, we felt like it was the appropriate thing to do. The president’s bedrock commitment as commander in chief is to leave no man or woman behind. That’s the principle he was operating under.”

Terrorists will soon become the new “T” word. That is unless “thug” beats them to it.



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