Top Non-Degreed Entrepreneurs

For Howard Dean and most Liberal, having that Ivy League pigskin is of utmost importance. So what? You could use it to wipe your ass, because that’s all it’s worth.

If Barack Obama has proved anything, it’s that having a Harvard education doesn’t make you smart. It just makes Liberals THINK you’re smart. And in the vida loca of Liberalism, results don’t matter.

It’s style over substance.

So when Howard Dean said that Scott Walker is too dumb to be president, you know the backdrop. You see, Walker has actually ACCOMPLISHED something, taking Wisconsin from financial red ink to black. Under Walker’s leadership, WI has made an amazing recovery in almost all sectors.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to terrorize America with his failed policies, but Dean can overlook that: because Obama went to Harvard.


What the Left doesn’t want leaked is that a college degree is not necessary for success. They have set up the elaborate ruse of education, which is simply “indoctrination.”

Look at all the people who have made it without college, and in some cases even high school, according to Business Insider:

We have compiled a list of 100 amazing “degreeless” entrepreneurs who have risen to the top.

Some high-profile entrepreneurs you will recognize immediately, while others you may be discovering for the first time. Many of them didn’t complete elementary school, and still more are considered high school dropouts.


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