A different kind of “racing together”

Here’s a cop story you’d never see on the front page of a Liberal rag.

Asia Ford has lost a whopping 217 pounds, in an effort to improve her health. To celebrate her tremendous achievement and take an item off her bucket list, Asia entered a 10K.

Struggling after reaching the five mile mark, Asia began to labor, and that’ when police Lt. Aubrey Gregory stepped in.

Officer Gregory wasn’t going to let Asia fail, so he and Asia’s son Terrance encouraged her.

From KDVR:

Quitting was not an option for Ford. But after about 5 miles, with just more than a mile to go, she began to wonder if she could finish.“My breath was kind of like, it felt like it was taken from me,” she said.

That’s when emergency medical services personnel became concerned.

“The EMS guys got out and talked to her, went to check on her,” police Lt. Aubrey Gregory said. “And she was like, ‘I’m not stopping. I’m not stopping.’ So she kept going.”

According to Ford, the police officer asked her: “You’re going to finish the race, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“And I said I’m not going to let her stop. We’re going to do this together,” said Gregory, who then got out of his vehicle. “She grabbed my hand. I grabbed her hand.”

Holding hands with her son and Gregory, Ford finished the race.

“Watching her go across that line, raising her hands, I felt that all over,” the officer said. “It was a great moment.”

It’s sad to know that a story like this won’t be known by most blacks. Liberal blacks will continue to wage a fake war against the police, just because they want to continue to do their “dirty.” But the fact is, the police love helping, particularly when somebody is helping themselves.

Congratulations to Asia, and kudos to Officer Gregory.


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