America’s black-market butt injection president

I read this story about a Toronto-area woman who injected silicone into the buttocks of nine women, using syringes attached to a caulking gun.

The story made me think, “Obama!”

Obama convinced some in America to get his new brand of “plastic surgery” as well.

Liberals trusted him. Not because he had the credentials, but because he was a smooth talker, and he appeared competent.

Now America’s buttocks have been so badly mauled, we can’t SIT DOWN!


AMERICA has had its butt mauled by an incompetent hack whose idea of “change” was to use CAULK!

Ironically, in the story of the hack doctor, none of the women want to talk about their procedure. I know that many Liberals who supported Barack don’t want to talk about it either.

Read about about the women here

If you are American, you have been living the nightmare for six years, with two left to go, all I can say is, “OUCH!”



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