American Apparel: Selling clothing, not sex

Gone are the plainly visible nipples, and models in sheer intimate wear.

The “made-in-the-USA” clothing retailer American Apparel has a new lease on life.

Founder Dov Charney seemed to had not lost his frat boy approach to business. However new C.E.O. Paula Schneider in place is a bushwhacker, to say the least. So no more pubic hair or nipple shot.

Yahoo News:

Schneider believes that the the company can still tell the same stories—and touch on topics millennials care about such as gay rights and immigration—without being overtly sexual. But while the business is in desperate need of more conservative leadership (Charney attracted controversy like that was his job), aureolas, and body hair happen to be issues millennials care about, too.

It’s interesting to see decorum return, where it was almost non-existent. Congratulations to American Apparently for tipping the scales back to Conservatism.

For the hardcore, there’s always Victoria’s Secret.

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