Another Clinton scandal

Would anybody NOT believe that Bill Clinton has a few illegitimate “chirrens” running around?

One look at this young lady, and my visual DNA checker says, “Bill Clinton, you ARE the father!”

And that’s what this 16-year old girl believes, and that why she is suing for a paternity test in Arkansas to prove that the former president is her biological father.


If Bill Clinton doesn’t want to provide DNA, there’s always Monica’s dress.

Alyssa Gilmore claims that her mother, Whitney Gilmore, a former secretary of the oval office had an affair with President Clinton between 1998 and 2001. The younger says she was born out of that relationship, and demands that Clinton undergo a paternity test to prove paternity.

“I know Bill Clinton is my father” says the young girl. “I have many pictures of my mother and him  and I know they were in love. He even gave me presents for Christmas and my birthdays when I was a kid, before he left my mother. I have spent many years writing him letters and calling him, hoping he would come back in my life. At first, he would write back and we spoke on the phone regularly, but he doesn’t even answer anymore. I just want him to take his responsibilities and recognize that he is my father, that’s all.”

Judge Henri Watkins of the Arkansas state court, rapidly decided that Ms. Gilmore had enough evidence to support her demand and announced that the presentation of the evidence will begin on March 19. Bill Clinton wasn’t present in the courthouse this morning, in Little Rock, but he met the media less than an hour after the judge’s decision, in Washington.

Mr. Clinton denied having an affair with Ms. Gilmore or being the father of the teenage girl. He adds that the timing of the accusations suggests that they are intended to ruin his wife’s chances in the run for the presidential elections in November.

“Whitney was indeed my secretary, and she has been a friend of both my wife and I for many years” says the former president. “I have worked with her for a few years, and I have met her daughter a few times. But we never had any sexual relationship and  I am not the father of Alyssa Gilmore. This whole thing is just a diversion created by the Republican party to ruin Hillary’s chances in the run for presidency. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.”

The timing of this could not be worse for Hillary, and the likelihood that Alyssa Gilmore is telling the truth is pretty high, and that doesn’t depend on what the definition of “is” is.

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