Ben Carson punts on “Gay” issue

Dr. Ben Carson waded into those political shark-infested waters of discussing homosexuality, and it didn’t go well.

In a recent interview when asked about the question of sexuality, Carson pointed out being gay is a choice.


Carson is right in that for some people, being gay is indeed a choice. Who knows what triggered the decision to “experiment,” as it is politely called, but it is indeed a choice, when that switch is flipped, pardon the pun.

It’s interesting that when it comes to sexuality as a “choice,” that gay people, predominantly Liberals are so vehemently against that construct.

Let’s say that you are not “born this way” to quote Lady Gaga. What’s the big deal about saying you CHOSE to be gay, versus the argument of being gay from birth? I’m NOT Gay, and proudly so. Whether I was BORN gay or not, I proudly say now that I am NOT Gay.

I know that I was born NOT Gay, so I must believe that there are people who are born gay. It’s not as many as gay people would like to admit. And to Dr. Carson’s point, there are people who are “converted,” and in prison it could be whether you like it or not.

Dr. Carson goes on to say that gay marriage is NOT a civil rights issue. Again, bloody waters from ghosts of Republicans-past.

The fact is marriage is not a civil rights issue. Government should not be involved in the area of marriage. Government recognized the income potential from marriage and the myriad of legislation that could go with it. So they confiscated what is a religious doctrine.

So much for “separation of church and state,” right!

I will give Marc Lamont Hill credit, as on CNN recently he explained that sexuality is a complicated issue. Hill explained the myriad of sexual choices without emotion–a departure for him.

As for me, I know that people are born with many sexual possibilities, and of course there is the nature/nurture aspect of their sexuality which has been discussed ad nauseum.

This is why the Founders of this nation as that people have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, with no definition on what makes one happy.

Dr. Carson got this one wrong, but he’s still a good man.

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