How not to pick your friends (video)

Liberals don’t have true friends. They have people they hang around, until they can take advantage of them.

And if you have a Liberal “friend,” you’d be better off hanging around a pre-pubescent chimpanzee, because either way, you’re going to get your face ripped of one day by the animal.

Myriah Pointer was hanging with her “friends” in Atlanta, when one of them noticed that her burger was missing. She discovered that Pointer was sitting on it, and that when all hell broke loose.

Pointer’s friend began beating the crap our of her, and was eventually joined by the other “friend.”

One friend decided to film the whole thing. because that’s what friends do in today’s Liberal culture.


While this was going on, a Liberal man sat on the couch watching the whole thing, while holding a three year old.

Pointer commented that the beating went on for two hours. She would lose consciousness, only to wake up to more beating.

Be careful Liberals, as your “friendships” can get you beaten or killed.

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