CA Atty Gen fights for rights of illegals, ergo AGAINST citizens

What does a state with massive debt need? More illegals who can’t get jobs, yet can qualify for welfare.

Sure, that makes sense in the world of Liberalism.

File this in the “I’ll have some of what she’s having” category, because according to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, illegals are indeed good for the CA economy.

And that’s why CA’s AG fights for the “rights” of illegals against the very citizens she took an oath to protect:

As Breitbart reported:

Harris spoke during a phone conference on Monday, led by White House adviser Cecilia Muñoz and sponsored by the White House, in which she boasted that Obama’s actions regarding immigration would hand California’s economy “by anywhere from $11.7 billion to $27.5 billion over the next decade,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Harris noted in the phone conference that one out of every two Californians “is an immigrant or has a parent who is an immigrant,” and added that she has “fought to ensure that both documented and undocumented immigrants have access to all the rights (emphasis added) of this great nation.” She mentioned her friend-of-the-court brief in the U.S. Supreme Court arguing against Arizona’s illegal immigration legislation in 2012.


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