Community College and Fortune 500 CEOs

I’ve already discussed that college is not necessary for success, though I remain an advocate for “the college experience.”

College for some is less of a place of learning, and more a place to learn “life skills,” when completely from under the thumb of one’s parents. Life skills are those skill that everybody eventually must learn, and what Leftists learn too late.

I’m still a believer that college isn’t for everybody, however. Because college is a rigged system, it can be a predictor of the level of success for most. And when it comes to CEOs, one’s pedigree is of utmost importance.


If you want to know why Obama wants more community college for our kids, just look how the Ivy League stacks up when it comes to being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company: took the liberty of coming up with a list of top schools by tallying up the number of Fortune 500 CEOs who graduated from each.

The results are probably not all that surprising, as five of the top ten are Ivy League schools. The Top 10 make up 212 of the Fortune 500 CEO, and Ivy League schools make up 62 percent of these, with 132 CEOs.

Here is the list at

  • Harvard: 65
  • Stanford: 27
  • University of Pennsylvania: 24
  • Columbia: 18
  • Michigan: 14
  • Notre Dame: 14
  • University of Virginia: 14
  • Cornell: 13
  • Dartmouth: 12
  • Indiana: 11



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