Conditioned to accept the lie?

In case you wonder why you fall for the lies of politicians, you’ve been conditioned.

We buy “seedless” watermelon WITH SEEDS. Been to a hotel with “unlimited wifi” for THIRTY MINUTES? And what of today’s cell phone plans with LIMITED unlimited data.

Back in the “old-old days”, people generally told the truth. Then, back in the just “old” days, people at least took some effort to “cover their tracks” but no more!

Enjoy these bald-faced examples of IN YOUR FACE marketing LIES, or watch the video about the sneakier “caffeine infused” underwear to lose weight.

Click here for 15 outrageous marketing lies! :Viral Nova

These liars need to be reprimanded for their dubious actions. Where is Wonder Woman when you need her? We all need to borrow her Lasso of Truth and squeeze it out of these products. Only then will we be able to right their horrible wrongs!

So next time a politician tells you what you want to hear, remember what you learned here.

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