White man named Cotton puts Obama back in the fields

Let’s just say that Senator Tom Cotton doesn’t have cotton balls!

He’s one of the only politicians who seems to not care about Obama’s “blackness,” as Cotton recently sent a letter to Iran, explaining that when Obama’s tenure is up, Iran will have to deal with white people again.

As our fearless leader, Kevin Jackson quipped, “The irony of a white Southern Republican named Cotton putting Obama in his place has not gone unnoticed on me!”

But the Left doesn’t seem to like that Cotton referenced the Constitution in his letter to the Iranians, and explained that Obama’s promises have an expiration date. Just ask Toots, Rev. Wright, and soon Hillary Clinton.

So, trending on Twitter is the #47Traitors. We translate that to be #47Patriots.


Conservative Tribune:

Conservative talk radio host and political pundit Laura Ingraham recently joined Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren to discuss these nuclear negotiations and how Obama is dangerously close to working outside of his Constitutional boundaries yet again.

They also discussed the open letter written by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, signed by 46 other GOP senators, which was just as much of a reminder to Obama as it was an instructive warning to Iran, detailing exactly how our Constitution is supposed to work in foreign policy.

Ingraham said that the Obama White House is going too far with this Iran deal, and that Congress needs to step in and assert their control over the matter.

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