Das Fuhrer has spoken..

It must pretty confusing for some departments of the government these days. I mean, do they do the job they were hired to do, or do what the dictator says to do?

I.C.E. workers have been told that there will be “consequences” if they don’t NOT deport people. The job they were originally hired to do has been replaced by becoming the first “point of contact” for “undocumented Democrats”.

No one could imagine in 6 short years, one person could change the world’s most democrat country into a dictatorship without a drop of blood!

Shared from Viral Buzz: “Obama has changed our system of government to an autocracy. Who needs co-equal branches of government when you have a megalomaniac narcissist in charge?” comment by viewer

Obama on I.C.E. “if they do not follow policies, there’s consequences.”

Obama has once again issued an executive order. This time it’s about immigration. A Federal Judge has stopped the order yet Obama somehow thinks the judges orders are irrelevant and expects his subjects to obey his command anyway.

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