Fraternity’s War on Women

This stunt won’t be chalked up to frat boy antics, and you certainly can’t expect the blame to be put on women for what happened at Penn State.

Holy Sandusky, apparently the buggering of boys isn’t the only thing that happens at Penn State!

It appears that females attend frat parties…get stinking drunk…and get nude. Who knew?


Then college frat boys take pictures of the nude women, and put the pictures Facebook. I know…SHOCKING!


And now, according to Seattle Pi, that fraternity has been suspended.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — A now-suspended Pennsylvania State University fraternity’s Facebook posting of photos of nude and partly nude women, some of them asleep or passed out, is sad and offensive and could lead to some students being expelled, the university’s president said Wednesday.

“I can’t imagine anybody that’s not appalled by the alleged behavior,” Eric Barron said in an interview.

The national leaders of Kappa Delta Rho on Tuesday suspended the Penn State chapter for a year over the photo scandal and said it would be reorganized.

Police in State College, where Penn State is based, are investigating allegations the fraternity operated a private Facebook page on which members shared frat house pictures of the women nude or partly nude. According to a warrant, the invitation-only Facebook page had 144 active members, including students and alumni.

Sounds like “Girls Gone Wild.” Unless these girls were drugged, their choice to get drunk has consequences. There are websites dedicated to capturing people in Vegas who have passed out. I’ve only seen the site once, and admittedly, I laughed until my stomach hurt.

People do stupid things, and others capture those things for posterity. That’s why Hillary had her own server, for those keeping score.





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