Racism in the LGBT movement

Here we thought that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator, only to find out that the gay movement needed black men playing manly sports to finally hit the big time!

Though the LGBT have won some battles, they needed something new to win the war.

Can you feel it? The new gayness in the air is palpable. The world continues to align, as America absorbs the historic, shocking, even cataclysmic news America’s first “openly” gay football player, Michael Sam.

Gays need something to cheer for.

With the attack on the Defense of Marriage Act, and sissifying the military, with repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Obama was of no further use to the gays, unless Obama officially comes out.

Jason Collins is essentially Jason “Who,” as he has faded into obscurity, and rightfully so. My grandfather has been dead for ten years, and he has a better chance of making an NBA roster next year than Collins.

Thankfully along came Gay Super Man, Michael Sam to save America. What timing!

I remember when gay athletes were white women.

Martina Navratilova came out early, and she did it when it wasn’t cool. Billy Jean King followed, and then we had the man who became a woman tennis player. Let’s face it, tennis put all the other sports to shame, when it comes to “outing.”

White men were not to be outdone, and the gay movement celebrated Greg Lougainis, and skating delivered Brian Boitano. However, perhaps diving and skating are just “too gay” to create a tsunami that the gay movement needed.

So we have tennis, diving, and skating. Maybe those sports were simply too white?

The Gay Mafia should admit it…the gay agenda needed “manly” sports, and a couple of big black bucks to give the gay movement credibility.

Nobody cares about white gay people anymore in the cocktail circles. What they want are black bucks playing a man’s sport to get rid of the stereotype that gay men are all like Jack from Will and Grace.

We now have entered Era of Black Men of Color Playing Manly Sports for the gay movement. What other barriers does the gay movement need to break?

Or the first bi-sexual, Cuban cross-dressing hermaphrodite to come out in boxing? How queer is that?

America and the gay movement can thank Barack Obama, Jason Collins, and Michael Sam for expanding world of gay possibilities.

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