Harry Reid: Fifty Shades of BLACK and BLUE!

If Harry Reid was once a boxer, he’s certainly a bit rusty.

Reid was sporting a pair of Ray Bans in the Senate recently, and he wasn’t playing Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Harry looked like somebody gave him the business.

His office said the sunglasses were actually “Boomslang” glasses, made by Reptile.

Made by Reptile, worn by a reptile.


From CNN:

Reid has been recovering from a New Year’s Day workout incident, when an exercise band snapped, sending the senator crashing into cabinets in his Nevada home. He broke ribs and several bones in his face and had surgery in late January to repair some of his eye injuries.

He’s worn a large bandage over it on the Senate floor and during press conferences — until Tuesday, when he ditched the bandage in favor of sunglasses.

Guess it takes a lot longer to heal, when you’re older than Moses’ shoes!

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