Prediction: Holder will be jailed within 5 years

We may have finally seen a real tear from Obama, as radical Leftist and the worst attorney general in the history of America was given his going away party.

America is finally rid of Holder. What should have happened is Holder be placed in taxpayer-funded Department of Corrections bracelets and led straight to prison.

We all could have ALL celebrated then.

The party should have been like the Mafia, when they have a big party the day before a Mafioso will report to prison voluntarily.

Instead, the party was a reminder that Leftist celebrate nonsense, and these events are more of a marketing tool. The Left uses parties like this to convince the “lowest common denominator” citizen that Holder was one of the good guys. PSST!

Obama said that Holder was the 3rd longest service AG, as if that has significance. Holder needed that time to play CYA on his and Obama’s shenanigans!


Holder cried a bit at the conclusion of Obama’s remarks, sad that he would no longer be able to terrorize patriotic Conservative Americans.

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin sang Holder into the sunset.

This truly is The Dark Ages 2.0 for the world, and Americans will look back on this period one day with disgust, though certainly more than half the country already has the feint taste of vomit, when we think about these Leftist scoundrels.



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