Holder won’t prosecute these black Missouri cities

So what black towns in Missouri are far worse on black people than Ferguson. Eric Holder has found a city with a white Republican, so game on.

If you want to know how you would likely not know where Ferguson is, just change the mayor’s and police chief’s color to black. Unfortunately for now former police chief of Ferguson, Tom Jackson, he is white.

Mayor James Knowles is next.

Soon Michael Brown, Jr will be responsible for the career deaths of three white men who did nothing except be white where Brown practiced his thuggery. Now that’s Black Power!


While Holder continues his racially-motivated witch hunt, Missouri’s Attorney General is going after black municipalities that are in violation of Missouri law and kicking black citizens asses. I reported that on the MO AG’s website, Koster is currently suing 9 municipalities that are collecting over 30 percent of their fines and fees from their even more overwhelmingly black constituents.

This data is on which they base the “disparity index,” or the ratio of traffic stops by demographic.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said recently that 16 law enforcement agencies in the state failed to submit annual racial disparity data to his office by March 1 as required by state law. Ferguson, which was late, submitted its data Tuesday.

Missouri law requires all state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies in the state to report by March 1 data from each traffic stop, including a driver’s race.

The attorney general then compiles the data and reports to the governor by June 1.

Koster said his office sent four written reminders — on Oct. 15, Dec. 17, Jan. 28 and Feb. 11 — and called every law enforcement agency that had not yet submitted data.

“I’m concerned that after receiving four notices, these departments have neglected their responsibilities under state law,” Koster said in a statement emailed to the Post-Dispatch. “The annual vehicle stops report, which provides racial disparity data relating to law enforcement traffic stops, is a valuable tool for citizens and policy makers. The failure to submit the required data raises questions about the attentiveness of a department as to this important issue.”

Jennings was on Koster’s list, but it is patrolled by St. Louis County police and Brian Schellman, a spokesman for the department, said the data was turned over to the attorney general in January.

Other municipal police departments failing to provide their 2014 vehicle stops data were: Wellston, Claycomo, Camden Point, Crystal Lakes, East Lynne, Edgerton, Edina, Bates City, Camden, Deepwater, Hurley, Lilbourn, Morley and Naylor.

Ferguson will look like a choir boy in comparison to some of these towns. And if Holder really wants to prosecute somebody, I suggest he look at Pinelawn who writes 14 time more tickets against whites, than Ferguson does against blacks.


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