Ivy League diplomas no help for blacks

If an Ivy League degree doesn’t mean equality for black graduates, then what’s the world coming to.

Barack Obama got a degree from Harvard, and he’s now president, so what’s the problem?


According to Black Star Journal,

The study, published in the journal Social Forces, shows that while a degree from an elite university improves all applicants’ chances at finding a well-paid job, the ease with which those jobs are obtained is not equal for black and white students even when they both graduate from an institution such as Harvard University. A white candidate with a degree from a highly selective university, the paper suggests, receives an employer response for every six résumés he or she submits. A black candidate receives a response for every eight.

White candidates with degrees from less-selective universities can expect to get a response every 9 résumés, while equally qualified black candidates need to submit 15.

Sounds like black Ivy Leaguers just need to submit more resumes. Problem solved.

Ok, perhaps it’s not quite that simple. It could be that employers realize that blacks

(1) get into college on lesser credentials, and

(2) graduate college with lesser credentials.

Then there is that pesky problem that no HR person would dare admit publicly: black employees can create major headaches.

That’s right. If you want to avoid problems in your business, hire a white man. He is the only employee you can pretty much abuse, and he has very little recourse. Talk about a great problem to have when looking for a job!

Companies LOVE white men, not because they are necessarily smarter. No, it’s simple. White men must go to a job and simply WORK!

To find out more nonsense of why Ivy League degrees are discriminatory, read here


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