Junk Science and Leftist Math, and Assault

When I taught science I used to say, “You can have math without science, but you can’t have science without math.” But I wasn’t aware of “Liberal math.”

So when I looked at this rape study, I noted that the lead investigator is a psychologist, and likely a multiple cat owner and man-hater, if you know what I mean.

According to this “study”, one third of college men would commit rape. Would? Meaning, if given the chance? Aren’t all men given the chance? At some point in life, a man is alone with a woman or is in a position where he “could” rape a woman.

So what is this study based on?

You have to love the studies where you know that the outcome was what the researcher wanted.

They studied 86 students from ONE campus to come to the conclusion that about one in three college men would commit rape.

Where did they perform this poll, at a campus strip club!?

This study has all the academic rigor of the global warming alarmist who are amazed at all the snow in winter and how hot it gets in the summer.

To read more, visit Reason.


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