Losing one’s identity

As the comedian Katt Williams joked of Michael Jackson, “It is possible to have too much money!”

And it seems that Jackson is not the only person in entertainment who has gone too far.

Sure there are psychological terms for people who go way too far in plastic surgery, but I suggest that they are simply not happy. That may be too simplistic, but then again…maybe not.

Science has allowed us the opportunity to take better care of ourselves, extend our lives perhaps. And in that extension, we may even improved the quality of life to some extent. However there is the thing of going so far that one loses his identity.

And that appears to be what rapper Lil Kim has don.


From Health News:

The quest for perfection in our instant gratification society often focuses on physical beauty and cosmetic surgical procedures to cure any perceived defects. From liposuction to breast enhancement to facelifts and nose jobs, most plastic surgeons are all to eager to please and put you under the knife. But a new study warns that people requesting one specific type of plastic surgery have a high likelihood of signs of body dysmorphic disorder, a chronic mental illness.
The specific procedure is rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job. A new Belgium study, published in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that 33 percent of people they interviewed who were seeking a nose job were found to have symptoms of BDD.
According to the Mayo Clinic, body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD, is a chronic mental illness where a person intensely obsesses over appearance and body image, often for hours a day. They may seek out numerous cosmetic procedures to try to “fix” the perceived flaws, but are never satisfied. Body dysmorphic disorder is also known as dysmorphophobia, the fear of having a deformity.

These people get so caught up in the hype, and have nothing to which to return, like a belief in God. They can’t trust family and so-called friends, so they become obsessed with “me.”

How pathetic.

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