Man shoots 12-yo boy during domestic dispute

There are far too many angry people in the world with no idea how to deal with their anger.

I remember being one of those angry people. I was an angry black man. I lost my mother, and spoke to my father via “Collect call from San Quentin prison.”

Lucky for me I learned, ok, am still learning how to deal with anger, as anger’s root causes are much more meaningful emotions.

I think about all the casualties of that anger, like this little 12-year old boy.


I think of the mother of that child, and the guilt she will feel for selecting a man who would dare shoot her son. I think about the circumstances that led her to select such a man, circumstances I place firmly on the shoulder of Liberalism.
Liberals discuss a peaceful harmonious world, but what they actually create is FAR from Utopia. In fact, for most of the victims of Liberalism, hell is earth.

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