When did men become teen-aged girls?

There hasn’t been a day go by in decades, where some special interest Liberal group isn’t “butt hurt” by some inconsequential thing.

Gone are the days where people just kept to themselves, allowing others to solve their own problems. No, we are now in a time of sissies, where Liberal men have all the mettle of a pre-pubescent girl.

As Steven Crowder recently penned,

We don’t need any more “offended” men; we need more leaders. We don’t need any more professional protesters; we need more husbands. We don’t need any more filthy, coffeehouse hipsters; we need more fathers.

So the next time you men think about choosing to “be offended” by something somebody else says or does, put down the chocolate and Midol and take control over your own life. Stop being “offended” and start taking action. You’ll be glad you did.

Plus, chicks dig it.

Check out Louder With Crowder to watch accompanying video and more.

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