Millennials can be dangerous to their parents

Parents are not safe anymore, not with Millennial miscreants for children!

So I’m not surprised that a pre-teen girl actually attempted to murder her mother over her iPhone.

What happened to sulking?


The unnamed 12-year-old is currently being held at the Boulder County Juvenile Center. She faces two counts of attempted first-degree murder. The Boulder County Sherriff’s Office said the first-degree charges stem from the fact the attack was premeditated, and carried out on at least two occasions. “She had pre-planned this a couple different times,” commented Sgt. Bill Crist.On March 2, the mother said her daughter poured bleach into her breakfast smoothie. The mom drank some of the smoothie, and thought the strange taste came from soap or bleach because the glass had not been properly rinsed. Four days later, on March 6, the daughter poured bleach into a water carafe that the mother keeps in her bedroom. After drinking from it, she became ill.

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