Millennials have NOTHING on these guys!

Newer isn’t always better. It’s scary at times to think of the leaders of tomorrow being gleaned from some of the youth of today.

These guys will show them how it’s done and with a heck of a lot more class than is often shown these days. The cast of this video ranges in age from 62 to 95, and I don’t think you will miss a thing, except maybe seeing more videos like this.

FromViral Nova:

The Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk is inescapable. It’s become so massively popular, even your grandma loves it. After all, Bruno’s video did steal some retro inspiration from the coolest cats of yesteryear, and singer Alex Boye is giving it right back to them with his rendition of the tune.

Boye’s cover, appropriately titled Oldtown Funk, features grandmas and grandpas ranging from age 65 to 92 dancing to a near shot-for-shot remake of Bruno’s original video. Altogether, the senior citizens have raised over 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great-grandchildren!

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